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Skyfall movie review

Story: MI6 is under attack and terrorism succeeded in disabling Britain's Intelligence Agency temporarily. But the worse is far from over. M's past haunts her and each undercover field agent will be exposed on enemy territory. It's up to 007 to track down the mastermind or there will no more MI6 to defend her Majesty's isles.
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Review: When Daniel Craig took over the title character of 007 from Pierce Brosnan, it brought us back to the earliest roots of James Bond. Although it look modern, it shows what made Bond to a world's most celebrated spy.

 Daniel Craig aims to make it the best 007 movie in the franchise. Since this is the 50th anniversary of James Bond film franchise, it should be the best. James Bond started with Sean Connery in 1962 with the movie, Dr. No. But James Bond is older than that. Ian Fleming created James Bond in his spy novels in 1952. Fleming draws his experience as a British field agent during World War 2 and applied it to Bond. His books were adapted to the movies and they were box-office hits. Fleming was involved with the movies before he died in 1964. He wrote Bond novels and all were adapted to films. Even though he died, the legacy continued in the film franchise.

Every Bond story is predictable. There is always a beginning adventure followed by a title song(which is sung by Adele) and the main story. During the main adventure, there is always a casino scene, a woman or women, a traitor in the midst, a fancy car with concealed weapons that will used only once and gadgetry.

This is still part of the prequel or reboot that started with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. It is the first time in Bond franchise that there will be revelations about Bond and developments in his spy world. Craig sees a different Bond since he took over. He sees him more as an anti-hero than the hero we grew up to know. Besides being a spy, Bond is also an assassin. It will make you ask the question, is he a good guy or a bad guy working for the good side. Espionage is a neutral but deadly game so there is no good or bad in that line of profession.

Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes did very well to make it the best Bond movie yet and I will look forward to the next one in my lifetime. Skyfall is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. For more movie reviews, like LENS Blogs on Facebook.

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