Friday, June 8, 2012

Special Forces

Special Forces is a fictional account based on the director's real experiences in Afghanistan and the military as a journalist. When a French journalist was kidnapped by the Taliban, the French sent their special forces to bring her back.

What I like about this is that the movie that the movie has no special effects but made the conflict too real. Even the environment is also real. There are also graphic images because of the extreme weather conditions that you need to prepare to before watching.

The language of the movie is originally French but what I watched was already dubbed in English so it may sound that it's not what they are speaking if you look closely. For some of the main characters, they have actors who already made it big in Hollywood like Diane Kruger and Djimon Hounsou. These two are really great actors and most of their films were award winning. There are also actors here that already appeared in Hollywood film as supporting characters because they speak French like Denis Menochet and Tcheky Karyo.
Director Stephane Rybojad(right) during the press conference before the advance screening

There is no discrimination here in the movie. Muslims are not considered the antagonist here. Director Stephane Rybojad says through his translator that he wants the audience to be immersed with the experience of his movie. I find the other reviews I read online after watching the movie contradicting with mine because I really like the film. We were used to watch films from Hollywood and most are usually the same. Special Forces opens June 13 exclusively at SM Cinemas.

*Top left photo:(Left to right) Director Stephane Rybojad, the head of Pioneer films, and French Ambassador to the Phils. Monsieur Gilles Garachon

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