Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Titanic 3D

The RMS Titanic as seen in the movie
It's been fifteen years since James Cameron's Titanic made moviegoers fall in love with Jack and Rose with exception of this movie reviewer. I only seen it once back then but I remember people I know got to watch it more than ten times. It also won most of the coveted awards during the Academy awards that year but not the best performance in an actor/actress for Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet for their respective roles as Jack and Rose. The movie got the Best Picture award that year.

The movie released in 3D was a timely commemoration of RMS Titanic's Centennial Year from it's maiden voyage and tragedy. Even before the movie's first release back in '97, I was already interested in the Titanic. I first got interested in the Titanic after reading my favorite paperback novelist, Clive Cussler when he wrote his third Dirk Pitt adventure, Raise The Titanic! in 1976. Although the novel was fiction, the accuracy of the Titanic's resting place noted in the novel was accurately close to its rediscovery in 1985.

Back to the movie, although it was based on the events that took place as one of the nightmarish sea disasters in history, James Cameron's Titanic is still considered fiction. Fans may be disappointed to see that there is no real passengers by the name of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, the movie's main characters. But there are real life characters in the movie such as  Thomas Andrews; the builder of Titanic, Edward Smith; Titanic's captain, John Jacob Astor IV; the richest passenger on board, Molly Brown(Kathy Baker); one of the characters whose exploits of were not included in the movie, Wallace Hartley the ship's band leader and a lot more.

There are scenes that are historically accurate in the movies. There are two scenes from the historical documents and the famous quote, "Not even God can sink this ship". There are also issues about the Titanic that also raised some concerns. Besides that it was not christened and that there were negligent crew who failed to look out for the incoming iceberg too late and the lack of life boats, Titanic ignored the radio warning of icebergs from the passing ship SS Californian. The logic of saving women and children first into the lifeboats is not always the solution. After being rescued by RMS Carpathia, the tragedy left many children orphaned. Either the family live as one unit or they might as well be all dead than be separated if there are limited life boats. This was evaluated by maritime experts for possible tragedies that may happen in the future.

The main reason for me to see to this movie is not only because I was invited but more on the historical aspect of it. In the next few days after the re-release in 3D, Titanic will commemorate its centennial year of its maiden voyage and tragedy. As for the 3D, it was not as different when I first watched back in '97 but the 3D made a more fluid feeling of the special effects that was used in the movie. During the advance screening where I was invited, I heard someone cried during the tragic moments. My thoughts of the movie is a perspective of a second time viewer but it would be good for those who will watch it for the first time since there is a newer generation of viewers since it was shown fifteen years ago. Hopefully, it could also make a box office hit as it was back in 1997. Titanic in 3D opens April 7 in 3D cinemas.

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