Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Lucky One

Story: A soldier on a quest to find the girl in the picture he found  that saved his life during his tour of duty. Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Review: If you are an avid Nicholas Sparks fan, you can observe the usual elements you see in a story. A love story, a quiet town, a death of a character. What makes The Lucky One unique was that the main character, Logan, played by Zac Efron, was a soldier stationed in Iraq.

Since Charlie St. Cloud, Zac Efron tried different roles from his usual High School Musicale image. This made him more of an actor than just a performer. After Charlie St. Cloud, he made it better to prepare for The Lucky One. He really transformed into Logan but it wasn't easy. He was able to do rigorous training with a retired Marine Seargeant. He wakes up at 3:30 in the morning and has a strict diet. He even went to Camp Pendleton to talk with the Marines. Surprisingly like his character, a lot of Marines showed off their lucky charms.

The movie is basically a date movie. The target audience of this movie are the book fans and couples. The movie has deep insights about destiny. But there are also comical situations to make the audience laugh even for a while. Although the movie has positive values, it is still not child-friendly. But over-all, it was OK for me to watch. The Lucky One is released and distributed by Warner Bros. Phils.

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