Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Story: A naval war game exercise was interrupted when an otherworldly opponent decides to join in. Based on the Hasbro strategy game of the same name.

Review: When I first heard that Hasbro is bringing their long time strategy game to the cinemas, I was skeptic because the game never had a story behind it. But then I was also felt the same when I first heard they  were doing Transformers.

For the movie patron, you need not play the game just to understand the movie. It is not a prerequisite. The game is quite simple. There are two players. Each player has its own side that looks like a console of a ship's radar and can never see the other player's side. Each player has 5 items. An aircraft carrier, a battleship, a submarine, a destroyer, and a patrol boat. Each player has a 10 x 10 square grid where the ships of the fleet are deployed secretly. The ship vary in size and may occupy 2 to 5 spaces in the grid depending on the ship's size. Each player take turns to fire until one fleet is wiped out. Both players are firing blind so it is also a guessing game. The players announces with total honesty whether there is a hit or not. This game rules also applied in the movie.
Battleship Game

As for battling aliens, it was nothing new. Independence Day uses fighter jets, Battle Los Angeles has the infantry, now it's the navy. But I never thought that it could be better than I anticipated. Besides that, I am also watching it because of Liam Neeson. The movie also given spotlight to U.S.S Missouri. This battleship served during World War II, the Vietnam War then it decommissioned. Later during the Gulf Crisis, it was recommissioned and refitted and again was decommissioned. It wasn't the first time Missouri was used for Hollywood. It was also the setting of a Steven Segal movie, Under Siege. The Missouri is now in the naval shipyard at Pearl Harbor as a museum.

Battleship is released and distributed by Solar Entertainment Corp. Advance screening was held at SM City North EDSA Cinema.

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