Sunday, January 22, 2012

Underworld Awakening

Story: The story takes place twelve years after the second movie. The world of Vampires and Lycans are no longer hidden and were considered a threat by the humans they prey on. The remaining coven hide themselves to survive.

Review: I thought the story ended there since there was a prequel in the third story. But unlike the first two movies that focused on the vampire warrior Selene and the hybrid Michael's Shakespearian romance, there's a new battle. Kate Beckinsale reprises her role she became known for. Even if you haven't seen the first three movies, you can still see it because it is a separate story and there are flashbacks that orient the first time viewer. There are some scenes that will look good when watched in 3D. Selene's action scenes can still entertain you. That's what I like about Underworld, the heroics is focused on the woman which also breaks the tradition that men does all the action movies. Underworld Awakening is distributed by Columbia Philippines.

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