Thursday, November 10, 2011

Italian Cinema Now

From November 9-13, Ayala Malls Cinemas is host the Italian Cinema Now, a showcase of Italian and Filipino films featuring the works of Bernardo Bertolucci Brillante Mendoza and more. The event kick off with coctails at the Greenbelt 5 walkway that was rolled with a red carpet for distinguished guests then was ushered to Greenbelt 3 Cinema for the screening.
Mr. Albert Martinez arrived for the event

I got to see two films. One from the Philippines and the other was Italian. I watched Brillante Mendoza's Serbis. The director himself was also present during the screening. Serbis is one of Mendoza's works that is also shown in Italy's end of Italian Cinema Now as a part of cultural exchange between the Philippines and Italy.

Serbis also reminded me of the works of the late Lino Brocka. These are the type of movies that exposes realities in society that are not done in regular types of movies. Movies that makes you leave it with heavy thoughts and perspective.

Dracula 3D is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Rutger Hauer as Professor Van Helsing. The screening is not a full movie but a raw sneak peek minus the special effects but it was shot in a 3D camera. Although the special effects wasn't polished yet, it has promising results because they combine the traditional and modern special effects for this one. I look forward when it opens here. Also present during the screening was the movie's producer and one of the movie casts.
Promotional poster of The Last Emperor

Although I haven't watch all, I already seen one of their movies. L' Ultimo Imperatore, known in Hollywood as The Last Emperor, was directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. I got to see it way back in 1987. The film was adapted from the biography of Pu-Yi, the last emperor of China. The movie won nine awards in the Academy including Best Picture and Best Director. Stars Jone Lone in the title role, Peter O'Toole, Joan Chen, Victor Wong and Vivian Wu.

The screenings are for free admission but it is also limited seating at Greenbelt 3. For schedule, check the program at Italian Cinema Now website. Italian Cinema Now is brought to you by Ayala Malls Cinemas, Cultural Center of the Philippines,etc.

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