Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emerald Dawn: A Review of the Green Lantern Movie

After Batman, the Emerald Warrior, Green Lantern, emerges from the comics to the big screen. For those who are familiar with the comic book superhero knows that this is the origin of Green Lantern. Most know that the ring wields the power a Green Lantern has. The Green Lantern first appeared July 1940 in DC Comics but it was not Hal Jordan but Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern. Unlike Hal Jordan, Alan Scott's power was based on mysticism when a green flame instructed him to forge a lantern and ring from a meteor that he wore a cape. After the second World War, the Green Lantern was cancelled. It was only until 1959 that DC Comics revived Green Lantern with a new character and a new origin. Unlike Alan Scott, Hal Jordan's ring wields power from an advance alien technology by the Guardians and he is just one of the many in the Green Lantern Corps. across the galaxy.  Green Lantern is not like any superhero. They are an intergalactic law enforcement on each sector of the galaxy. Alan Scott's weakness was wood while Hal Jordan's was yellow.
Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.Art by Alex Ross

As I said, the story of the movie is the origin of Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern. What impresses me is that the story was compressed with the current developments that is also happening in the comics. It was also timely that the current Green Lantern comics was marketing big time after the success of the Blackest Night story arc which was a major crossover comic event after Crisis On Infinite Earths, which was best crossover of DC Comics back in the 80's.

The casting of other Green Lanterns. Tomar Re was voiced by Geoffrey Rush, who is very popular for the role of Barbossa of Pirates of The Carribean, diverted from his famous role to a more supportive character for Hal Jordan. Tomar Re's features are bird-like beak and a fish fin on top of his head.

Kilowog, a brutish, porcupine-like Green Lantern, was voiced Michael Duncan Clarke, who was suited for the role which does not surprises me. I was impressed that in the movie, he uses his trademark word "poozer".

Abin Sur, the alien Green Lantern who was Hal Jordan's predecessor was played by Temuera Morrison. Unlike Clarke and Rush, he only used special make-up effects for the role. Morrison played Jango Fett and the Clone Troopers in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones and as the voice of Bobba Fett in 2004 Special Edition of Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back.

Sinestro, the leader of the Green Lantern Corps, was played by Mark Strong. Strong was ideal for the role because like his previous character in Sherlock Holmes, he also projected that charisma to other Green Lanterns. Sinestro's features is also humanoid except for the red complexion and pointy ears. This is one character fan is concentrated on.

The Guardians, the creators of the Green Lantern Power Core, was portrayed in a more elevated status like a council that directs the affairs of the GL Corps. Besides them, there are other cameo appearance of other known Green Lanterns and an appearance of a major character of another superhero arc.

The Green Lantern costume, ring and power battery were done more realistic. They were designed to look more otherworldly in origin unlike what it look like  in the comics. In the comics, the power battery look like a regular  Earth lantern except that it's green. The movie costume was also an improvement. It was made to look like a projection of energy coming from a Green Lantern ring.

Lastly, Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds. He is no different from playing superheroes since he played Knighstalker Hannibal Drake in Blade:Trinity and Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He played a different Hal Jordan than in the comics which is essential for the story.

Overall, it was good movie. If you are a comic book fan of the character, don't expect to much because you may not enjoy the whole movie so lower your expectations like I did.Don't forget to stay after the credits for an extra scene. Green Lantern opens in 2D and 3D cinemas today and is distributed by Warner Bros.

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