Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Go With It

I got to watch this one last February 22 courtesy of my sister and her boyfriend and their usual donor who gave passes at Shangri-la Cinema.Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures.
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Just Go With It

Synopsis: Adam Sandler playing a plastic surgeon pretending to be a divorced parent with his assistant to impressed his girlfriend.

Review: Adam Sandler did it again with this sure box-office hit. His comic lines were so funny and you don't realize where they get those words coming out when he start talking. Jennifer Aniston also outdid herself more. We last saw her in Love Happens were she also did great. I never realized that she can still do comic roles just like she did in Friends and also in tandem with Adam Sandler. Their comic tandem is so unique that I wish they should do it again in the future. I never thought that Nicole Kidman could also do comic roles even when she is a supporting character. Brooklyn Decker's performance may be limited but she was able to provide balance in the casting. The children, played by Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck were huge comic revelations. The casting was complete satisfaction. Although, the trademark of a Happy Madison movie was broken without the appearance Rob Schneider but was replaced by another Happy Madison regular Nick Swardson and Allen Covert. The soundtrack was also good. Mixed of the classics and new ones.

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