Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Am Number Four

Plot: John Smith is one of the remaining aliens that was hunted down while living a normal life on Earth. Based on a Sci-Fi novel.

Review. It is like a juvenile version of X-Files. Although the story is not original because I can't help compare it to Roswell and Smallville. It was even written like it was made for TV. It turned out that my hunches are correct because Al Gough and Miles Millar adapted its screenplay. Gough and Millar created Smallville series based on the iconic superhero. There are also some scenes that are dragging. What makes the story interesting was the significance of the character named Henri, played by Timothy Olyphant. The story's typical audience are the teenagers just like Smallville and Roswell. I am glad that it was not that mushy with the romance. So please leave those mushy romances with the Twilight Saga. Casting includes actors that are not familiar like Alex Pettyfer, who played the title role with the exception of Dianna Agron( from Glee). When I saw Dianna, I started thinking, is she gonna sing here too? Since this is a book series, expect a sequel if it make big on the box office. I Am Number Four opens today in cinemas and is distributed by Disney Pictures Phils.

Screening was held at SM Megamall last February 21

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