Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cinemalaya 2018

Last year's Cinemalaya was my first. I only saw CCP very crowded during Pasinaya and Virgin Labfest. It can be compared to the first week of MMFF but the only difference here is the gala screening when you can meet the cast and directors of the featured movie.

Cinemalaya is the pioneer in independent movie festival that gave birth to more. What's good about it that it compliments and honors other indie movie festivals that followed. Last year's Cinemalaya also gave me access to the awards night which I am really honored to bear witness. My mother told me that her's batchmate from high school and family are coming to town just because of Cinemalaya.

Cinemalaya brings a different experience to movie goers. It helps the viewers think. Because the mainstream movie productions are too restrained and commercialized. The independent movies are waking the audience's minds. During a Cinemalaya, audiences react at the movies and they learn to discuss with the cast and directors critically.

The full length Cinemalaya entries are the following: Distance, Kung Paano Hinihintay

ang Dapithapon, Kuya Wes, Liway, Mamang, ML, Musmos na Sumibol Sa Gubat Digma, Pan De Salawal, School Service, and The Lookout. I am lloking forward to ML, Pan de Salawal, School Service and The Lookout. Look at my Youtube upload for the trailers.

When I uploaded the trailers on Youtube, I had wonderful responses. Among the comments, ML is the what they are looking forward to. As last year's winning entry, Cinemalaya brings back Respeto. Aside from the short features, Cinemalaya honors Bernardo Bernardo(+) and director Maryo J. de los Reyes with the screening of Bagets, Magnifico and Manila By Night.

Cinemalaya also features a new entry. A short length features done in mobile devices format. This is entirely new because almost all have at least one owned mobile device. Cinemalaya begins August 3 and will close the festival on August 12.

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