Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fist Fight movie review

It’s a reality that schools are not spared from violence and each child is not spared. It is not only happening in public schools here and in U.S. but also in private schools as well. Even a Christian institution like the school I went to is not an exception. I endured prejudice and persecution from being bullied.
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Fist Fight is a comedy that shows that reality in a hilarious manner. But it is not the students who are having a fight but fellow teachers. Not just two teachers but teachers played by Ice Cube and Charlie Day. Yes, you read right. Ice Cube vs. Charlie Day.

It is the fight you never imagined. Ice Cube is known for his tough image and Charlie Day is known for his comedy acts like Horrible Bosses and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This fight will be like Godzilla versus Nemo (Finding Nemo).

Both play teachers during the last day of the school year. It is the first time I hear that during this day, the students can play pranks on the teachers and administrators and the school property. You won’t believe what these students can do that is why the movie is rated R-13 in Philippine cinemas.

I can relate to Charles Day’s character because I am also considered a nice guy (boasting aside) and there’s an expression, nice guys finish last. But there are two sides of me. I also can be agitated when necessary and I can confront any person who messes with me. But I make sure my anger is in check.

For the other characters, it also shows variety weirdness especially among the faculty. The teachers are considered role models but in class, they are like actors. But they are also human beings. We don’t know what kind of people they are outside the school premises so it’s understandable that they are not far off. Besides teachers, I would like to see pastors fight too. I have actually some pastors in mind to fight off. I still want to see teachers here to fight too. I want it like a battle royale. 

Why people always fight like this? Because we are oriented to fight for our honor. The Wild West has 'showdowns" with their Colt pistols, in Europe, they use flintlocks for firearms or in close fights, the rapier which is associated with the Musketeers.

This is probably the best comedy movie this month has to offer and I highly recommend it. Fist Fight opens in Philippine cinemas February 22 and distributed and released by Warner Bros. Phils. For more movie reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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