Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby movie review

It’s been sixteen years since Bridget Jones first appeared in cinemas back in 2001. I was able to see it when it opened here in the Philippines. Here are some of the points I listed for my review of Bridget Jones’s Baby:
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  • It was a surprise that there is still a sequel. The last sequel was back in 2004 titled, “Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason.” It’s been twelve years too late for this sequel.

  • Sadly, Hugh Grant won’t reprise his role as Danny Cleaver. But a good thing was, it made the sequel unique so it won’t be predictable.

  • In Danny Cleaver’s absence, the sequel introduced a new character Jack (played by Patrick Dempsey) for the new love triangle.

  • My favourite British screenwriter Richard Curtis won’t be doing this sequel. But it didn’t go far from the world he visualized. The sequel also brought back a trademark of Curtis’ of an American outnumbered by dominant British characters that he started with Four Weddings and A Funeral.

  • The sequel also shows British humor. Be sure to be familiar with British slang because it has adult humor. The Brits have a different way to make you laugh.

  • Usually, sequels don’t do go as it progresses. But for a second sequel, this gave me the most laughs that it almost gave me a tummy ache. The movie mixed slapstick and adult humor.

  • Unlike the previous movies, Bridget Jones’s Baby is not an adaptation. It is only based on Helen Fielding’s work which was adapted in the first two movies. Even though it is expansion of Bridget’s world, it is still funny and entertaining.

My verdict: It is a good movie to watch. Despite the humor, the realities and dilemmas of relationship especially for someone who already in their 40’s like me are real struggles.

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