Monday, January 11, 2016

Fury movie review

I never got to watch this movie but I heard good feedback about it. I am not sure if it was worth watching on the big screen because I just saw it on HBO recently and I was not invited to the premiere.I have to know first if there was parts omitted since HBO Asia has a tendency to zoom in view if there was graphic scene so the whole scene will not be seen.
Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman
It focused on a tank crew of Fury commanded by Brad Pitt's character where he encountered a  Mennonite assigned to his crew. Mennonites is a  Christian denomination who are not into violence. The Mennonite is played by Logan Lerman.

The movie is not just a classic homage of World War II movies but it also shows the horror of war. It is like the World War II version of the Red Badge Of Courage. But I think this movie was well worth the wait in HBO. I might regret spending to watch it in the cinema.

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