Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Water Diviner movie review

What's a water diviner? The diviner is a person using a dowsing rod for finding water, minerals, etc. There is no science explaining this phenomenon which is why it is considered pseudoscience. In case of the movie, Russell Crowe's character Joshua Connor uses his dowsing skills to find water. As a farmer in Australia, it is his task to find suitable water source in the Outback.
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The movie during the first World War where the Ottoman Empire(Turkey) won their victory during the Battle of Gallipoli. Since Australia still shows loyalty to British rule, Australia also shows support by sending their troops to war.

It is also a good plot using a diviner to search for his three sons who fought in Gallipoli. Not only that it shows culture and heritage of Turkey, it gives us good scenery which is probably good for tourism. 

Not only that Russell Crowe is part of this Australian movie production, he also directed it. We now see how Russell Crowe wants his movie directed. We can see that he mellowed down from being an action movie actor even though it still has action sequences. But he also applied individual stories of characters like Connor, his sons, the Turkish military officer, the Turkish hotel owner and her son.

Movies like these are rarely done since it is a periodic piece and we rarely see award wining movies from different countries which is why Ayala Cinemas exclusively distributes these here. I highly recommend this movie for anyone to watch. The Filipinos can relate to the family values this movie shows.

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