Thursday, June 25, 2015

Max movie review

Lassie is a popular icon for hero dogs and no one ever took that title from him. It is also been years since someone followed in her footsteps until Max. Unlike the predecessors, the story of Max is more real life. He is a Marine K-9 unit. The military's been using dogs for sniffing bombs just like the police.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Why is this story so different from Lassie, Boomer or any dog heroes? The title actor is a dog who can express emotion like any actor. There is also real-life drama that everyone can relate. If the family is hurting from within, they need someone who can remove that hurt from within.

What I like also about Max that it is not always serious. There are some funny moments and there are also action sequences that are not exaggerated. Family dramas like this is rare and the movie is wholesome that is why it is rated General Patronage.

The actor Josh Wiggins who played Justin; Max's new master, has a promising career. He did well in this movie because he relate to his character. He also has three dogs and he has a brother who's in the army.

In closing, the movie has redeeming experiences for each key character. It's all about bridging shattered relationships. For more feel-good movie reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. Max opens in Philippine cinemas on June 25. Released and distributed by Warner Bros.

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