Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Juana C The Movie

I rarely watch Tagalog films because I am selective to some detail like who's the director and quality. I was invited to watch Juana C. without any idea what was it about but I already saw the trailer. Little did I know that this movie was worth my time since I enjoyed the previous film of director Jade Castro of Zombadings.

Another factor to consider is that it is written by screenwriter and playwright Rody Vera. I know for fact that theater and movies are two different disciplines when it comes to telling a story. Adding to the mix of theater and movies are actors from these two disciplines in one production.

Comedy appeals to the massive Filipino movie goers and it was intended to use comedy to spread a message. Movies that makes its audience think doesn't appeal much to most Pinoys. The massive Pinoys only want to enjoy watching. Despite the comedy, there are certain serious issues cited in the movie. This movie can be both entertaining and making the message clear to the audience.

This C stands for Change which is why the title sound like Wanna C. or Wanna Change. Hopefully, the change will occur after leaving the cinema.

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  1. Is it satire? What is it about? A synopsis would help.