Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Heat Movie Review

There was a time that cop genre in TV were a hit. Now, there are only selections for cop flicks that are really good. When I first heard that Melissa McCarthy is going to be in this movie, I know that it will be a comedy and is gonna be fun to watch.
Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox
Little did I know that this will be worth every penny to watch in a cinema. Although it is a police comedy, it is nothing new. Eddie Murphy already did it in his Beverly Hills trilogy. But what makes this unique was that there are two woman cops.
The other half of the main role is shared by Sandra Bullock. Ms. Bullock plays an FBI agent paired up with a Boston cop(McCarthy) on a case. You may find this similar to Bullock's FBI agent role in Ms. Congeniality movies but it is far different.
Although Sandra Bullock had experience in comedy but it was more on Melissa McCarthy who really brought the house or cinema down. I believe this was her best comedy work yet and I am glad that she has more movie projects now. I saw her recently in Identity Thief.
Since this is a cop action-comedy, it is expected that the audience in this movie are 13 above and is restricted below that age(R-13). The Heat opens June 27 and is released by Twentieth Century Fox and distributed by Warner Bros.

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