Friday, February 15, 2013

Hitchcock movie review

Story: A biographical movie about Hollywood's master of suspense.
Poster courtesy of Fox Searchlight

Review: I first saw Alfred Hitchcock when he was introducing a story in his TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents on local television in those days when cable TV was still rare and there was no internet yet.

The backdraft of the story didn't concentrate on Hitchcock's lifetime but on one significant period in his career: The making of Psycho. I never got to see the original Psycho but I got to see the modern version starring Vincent Vaughn for the title role of Norman Bates.

It was good to see how Hitchcock made Psycho one of the most innovative and pioneered movie in the history of Hollywood. There could be no one else to play the part than Anthony Hopkins. My only comment was that Mr. Hopkins voice was not as deep as Hitchcock's. 

The story was an adapted from a biography. The movie can also pass as a case study or reference for those who are studying film making since there were some critical points to consider when making a movie in those days. Hitchcock is exclusive in MyCinema and was released and distributed by Fox Searhlight.

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