Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I first knew Ben Affleck not just an actor but also as a co-writer(with Matt Damon) in the movie, Good Will Hunting back in 1997. It was in this movie that both he and Damon were given proper recognition and were given awards from the Academy and not just as actors but also behind the camera.
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 It was not long ago that Affleck directed and starred in The Town. It was not one of my favorites but it was done good and I enjoyed watching it. When I first saw the trailer of Argo, it proved to be something interesting and it was based on a true story.

The story: It was during the Iranian hostage crisis. The American Embassy in Iran was penetrated by militants. Six American diplomats evaded capture and secured refuge from the Canadian Ambassador's house. CIA sees this as a window of opportunity to help them escape with the help of the Canadians. Using a fake movie in the making as a cover story which as their only option to succeed.

This is not you James Bond type of action. Unlike the famed master spy franchise, the crisis is real and critical. It not only involves lives but also the relationship between two nations. The movie also is an ideal example for future diplomats as a case study. It also a good insight to draw upon our understanding of fellow human beings despite religious differences. One must see that what happened here is not a religious war but a political situation. 

The Muslims here are not treated badly and Islam really a religion of peace. I have Iranian classmates in college. They are quite alright. I also have a former neighbor from my childhood who is an Iranian that practices medicine here and he married a Filipina. Not all Arabs are violent. One should know that there are many Arab tribes that are different from one another.

This is probably the best work of Ben Affleck since Good Will Hunting and I believe that I have found my movie of the year in Argo. My favorite movie last year was Inception. I am looking forward nominations for Argo at the Academy. Argo opens in cinemas October 17 in the Philippines. Argo is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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  1. Not a perfect movie, but a very entertaining one at that and I have to give Affleck a lot of credit for going out of his comfort zone, and really tackle a story not many people know about. However, the problem is that we all know how it ends. Good review.