Saturday, March 3, 2012


Story: Team Manager of a professional league baseball team aims to win his underdog team even on a low budget.

Review: As a Filipino, I am aware that baseball is America's past time.  Just like any professional game, there's always a trade of players. Just like any team sport, there's ball game that plays behind the scenes. It's called Moneyball. This kind of "game" determines the fate of a team.Professional baseball is very complex. There's always money involve. It's fun to play in a sports you like but the game plan still depends on the team management. This is a different kind of an underdog movie I've ever seen. It is that unique and the movie is timely because Moneyball is nominated and this is the only chance to find out what kind of movie is this and why is it Academy material. Even if you are not a baseball or sports type, you will appreciate the game from the perspective of not only the players and coaches but also the team managers, sports talent scouts, and the team owners.As for Brad Pitt, this is one of his best movies yet. He may not be my ideal actor but he always get the good movies to work on. For Jonah Hill, it was a revelation that he can also do serious films. Phillip Seymour Hoffman does not have much impact in this movie but he is still one of my favorites. Moneyball is distributed and released by Columbia Pictures Phils.

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