Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Devil Inside

Story: Maria Rossi was committed to a psychiatric ward in Italy after killing 3 people during an exorcism on her. Twenty years later, Maria's daughter Isabella is seeking out the truth whether it was a demon possession or mental illness.

Review: Demon possessions are one of the favorite subjects in a classic horror story. The origins of demonic possessions dates back during Jesus' times. This is very controversial since there were no knowledge of modern medicine back then, it might have been mistaken for mental illness since demon possession and mental illness have same symptoms as described. Regardless of which, the victim must be cured from whatever it is.

The movie is a production from the same people known for it's Paranormal Activity movies. I haven't seen any Paranormal Activity movie but the movie seemed to follow the footstep where The Blair Witch Project left off. They even have a website to back up where the movie left off just like the Blair Witch Project site. Even though it is not on the same level of success like The Blair Witch Project, it still makes you anticipating some scary scenes that will make you tensed and jump out of surprise.

I watched this movie on an advance screening with mostly online winners which were not the usual crowd I see every advance screenings I've been to so there were few of us movie reviewers and bloggers last Tuesday(Feb. 28). So I also made an observation of what could be the usual audience and reaction to the film. The audience I observed during the screening are not able to behave properly in a cinema. Like the trio in front of us were not courteous to put their phones on silent mode. Some in the middle are so noisy that they react on some scenes even if it's not yet the scary part.

The Devil Within is released and distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation.

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