Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

Plot: 1875 in a New Mexico Territory. A stranger with no memory of his past and stumbles into a desert town with only a mysterious shackle encircles his wrist. The town is about to experience an attack unlike any in the Wild West has ever seen: Alien invasion and abduction.

Review: The movie was based on a comic book by Platinum Studios. The title may not be that catchy but what may caught the attention of moviegoers is the main stars plus that it was directed by Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau. Like any comic adaptation, it still differs from the original story but the story was just alright for the movie. What makes it interesting is that it doesn't divert from U.F.O conspiracies like what happened in Roswell which is also in New Mexico. Though the first contact of alien encounter in the Wild West is unlikely, there are documented cases even before 1875 as early as the ancient times. 

Honestly, the only reason for me to watch this movie is Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford. Ford is no stranger to Sci-Fi and it's been a while since Star Wars. Despite his age, he has good roles. I think he even stole the scene from co-star Daniel Craig. He was also considered one of the sexiest old men in Hollywood and he can still look tough as Woodrow Dolarhyde and does his own stunts. Although Ford has the familiar  swashbuckling cowboy image of Indiana Jones, the movie didn't project Ford of his familiar image when he once again wore a hat. Daniel Craig, though British, appeared quite American here but this was also the time of immigration in the new frontier and it was never emphasized. Cowboys & Aliens opens August 10 in cinemas. Here's a video of Harrison Ford promoting Cowboys & Aliens in a funny way.


  1. nice article! I also like Olivia Wilde (because of Tron Legacy) and Ford for Star Wars.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Did you watch already? Please follow this blog for more movie news.

  3. Fantastic reviews ! Thanks for sharing !! I am going to watch this film tonight. Hopefully, I will also enjoy it :))