Monday, August 22, 2011

Cars 2

Lightning McQueen and the residents of Radiator Springs are back. This time, Lightning McQueen is racing around the world in a World Gran Prix with the world's best race cars. Owen Wilson reprises his role as the voice of Lightning as well as the original cast with exception of Paul Newman(Doc Hudson) and Michael Keaton(Chick Hicks).

Review: Doing Cars 2 in 3D is a good idea. Pixar made it look realistic and very fluidly detailed. The story didn't concentrate only on Lightning McQueen but it was a good thing that Mater was more the character in focus throughout the movie. Cars 2 won't be that interesting if there are no character developments and it won't be interesting without Mater now that he's in the spotlight.

Michael Caine made a debut in Cars 2 as the voice of Finn McMissile. It was not surprising since he's the ideal British to play Finn because among the Brit actors, he's voice was unique and it's similar to his character, Nigel Powers in the third Austin Powers movie, Goldmember. 

Though the story is similar to the movie, If Looks Could Kill / Teen Agent, it is still a fun movie and an addition of wholesome movies the whole family can watch. It's a good idea to watch it in cinema because it has a Toy Story short film before the actual movie. Screening was held at IMAX SM Cinema Mall of Asia. Cars 2 opens August 24 in Philippine cinemas and is distributed by Walt Disney Studios.

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