Saturday, April 30, 2011


Three years ago, the  movie Iron Man had a revelation in the last scene after the credits when Nick Fury,played by Samuel L. Jackson, asked Tony Stark, brilliantly played by Robert Downey,Jr., about the Avengers Initiative. Thus made Iron Man 2 the anticipated movie last year. Not only it showed more of Nick Fury's involvement, Natasha Romanova made her first movie appearance. Most of comic fans knew her as Black Widow. Then, another revelation in a scene after the credits that gave away the idea what's the next movie. The words of Agent Coulson of SHIELD was iconic and few second appearance of the Mjolnir made comic fans screaming after finding out that Thor is going to be the next movie.

After the success of Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2, I am not raising my hopes up yet when I saw the posters and trailer of the Thor movie and Thor wasn't my favorite character in the Marvel Universe. I watched Thor on its first day of screening in a 3D cinema. The movie was just as detailed in the comics but skipped the part where Thor became mortal named Donald Blake without having knowledge of his godhood. What impressed me is I never taught director Kenneth Branagh can pull it off well. I never imagine him directing a superhero flick since he is more into Shakespeare and the classics like what he did in Frankenstein. 

Chris Hemsworth also did very much well as Thor. I first saw him as George Kirk in Star Trek(2009). In Thor,he buffed up to fill the role of the god of thunder. Truly, Chris Hemsworth was born for the title role of Thor. As every comic fan knows,Thor, Iron Man, Hulk will be back in the Avengers movie scheduled next year after the movie, Captain America: The First Avenger which is scheduled this year. The special  effects were mighty good that it really visualize Thor's power of thunder as it should be. Thor is currently showing in cinemas,3D or 2D. Watch out for the last scene after the end credits.

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