Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rite

Plot: Skeptic seminarian Michael Kovak(Colin O' Donoghue) was immersed in the dark side of his faith. Inspired by true events.

Review: The movie's post production especially the sound effect contributing for the thrill for the story. It does not have much special effects but it worked well to make it scary. Although, I still consider The Exorcist the scariest when in comes to movies about demonic possessions. Colin O' Donoghue was a good choice since he was not a familiar actor yet but it helps focusing on the story not on the actor if ever it was played by a more famous actor. This is what I expect from Anthony Hopkins, who plays Father Lucas. But you can expect the same kind of tone like Hannibal Lecter. The Rite Opens in February 2 and is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Background: There was no word for exorcism in Jesus' time. It came from a Latin word, exorcismus, meaning binding by oath. It was not the word that clearly describes what Jesus first documented except casting out demons which is what exorcists do. It was debatable though that if ever the victims were clearly possessed or what psychologists believe was a delusional state. But it was clear that there were cases of demonic possessions in history. Most may not believe it still happens in this digital era that we live in even for Christians themselves doubt the existence of the Devil that Christianity warned about. It was debatable about the topic because there were no psychologist during Jesus' time. But now, religion and science have no conflict whatsoever in the subject in particular. I don't blame Michael Kovak to feel that way about the subject. He has experiences that proved otherwise. I think this movie is also favorable to the Roman Catholics and those who believes that there is a conflict in the spiritual realm. Regardless whether you believe or not, there were documented reports about demonic possessions recorded by non-clergy.

Documented case of demonic possession in the city of Manila: There was a news back in the 70's or 80's about a person(can't recall the gender) that was claimed was possessed by a demon. Psychologists and priests can't do anything to cure the person until a foreign preacher named Lester Sumrall. He went and prayed for the person which resulted to an actual exorcism. Word spread out about what happened and Lester Sumrall was rewarded with a piece of land property where he based his church named Cathedral of Praise now stands.

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