Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: Hereafter

Everyone is curious about what happens when we die. We seek answers from religious sectors and leading philosophical authority on the subject but questions still lingers in our minds. The movie Hereafter may or may not answer those questions but it provides a scenario about it. The situations can be real to someone especially when they experienced death or lose someone because of it. The story evolves in three people with their own story and connects the pieces of the puzzle. The story started climatically. Matt Damon is the only popular actor there but I can’t help thinking of Jason Bourne than his role as a medium. This is another movie that makes Clint Eastwood a great storyteller. Only, this time, he’s not part of the casting. I’m predicting another nomination for this one. Hereafter opens in cinemas January 19. Hereafter is distributed by Warner Bros. Phils.

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  1. the trailer is very interesting. hopefully i get to see it soon ~_^