Thursday, September 21, 2017

GIRLS TRIP movie review

Girls Trip is a story of four ladies who outgrew their 90’s girl crew routine for their individual lives. One of them was a successful public figure that decided to bring the old crew together in one of her tours to reconnect with her friends.
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Even though it is black, adult comedy, it also about how friendships endure. All of us have circle of friends but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Jada Picket-Smith and Queen Latifah are the popular ones in the movie. Nothing is new with Queen Latifah’s performance but it suits her character. Mrs. Will Smith, however, is not what you expected since she is a family person. But she can also be appealing for her stature.

As for Regina King, she delivered her character well. She gives balance to the group but she also shows that she shows her limitations and that she also needs her friends as much as they need each other. What I never expected was Tiffany Hadish who serves as a comic relief of the group. She is sexy as well as funny. I am expecting more movie projects with her soon.

I also like the setting of the movie which is mostly in the Big Easy. This movie is the one I can recommend. You may compare it to Sex and The City but it is still different. Girls Trip is an Ayala Cinema Exclusive and can only be screened at Trinoma and Greenbelt 1.

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