Thursday, January 26, 2017

Split movie review

Movie reviewer's note: I am reviewing this movie on my own accord. There was no screening invite. This review is unsolicited and not biased.

After many movies, M.Night Shyamalan is back in doing suspense movies starting with Split. It’s a story about a man with 23 split personalities and the 24th one is about to manifest. But what if one of the personalities has a tendency to be violent.
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Kevin is played by James McAvoy, better known for his role as the younger Professor X in X-Men movies. Split is not really a great story but this is a lot better than Shyamalan’s previous work, The Last Airbender, which flopped really badly in cinemas.

The only thing that made this movie worthwhile watching is McAvoy’s performance. He was able to shift personalities in an instant and you can also see another angle of the movie as if you are looking at the perspective in the eyes of Kevin or his other personalities.

Although critics said that Split put Shyamalan back to fine form but he does not deserve all the credit but to McAvoy. When McAvoy was asked to be part of this movie, he asks; what role he will play. The director answered,” Read the script. It is hard to say.” He immediately accepted and asks the director to challenge him more. Now, that is an actor.

Thanks to James McAvoy, I ranked this movie four split personalities out of five. For more critical movie reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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