Thursday, August 25, 2016

War Dogs movie review

After the Hangover trilogy, I never thought there will be something similar to the movie that will branch out an adult comedy. Todd Phillips once again directs in War Dogs.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

War Dogs is a story of two twenty-something childhood friends that are both arms dealer. You may think that this is impossible but this is a true story. Although it is a dark story, it’s still has a share of adult humour that Todd Phillips is very popular of since The Hangover. This is why Jonah Hill and Miles Teller is ideal for this movie.

War Dogs is a movie that gives ideas about wars. Most like wars because there is still big money involve. War is, most of the time, about business and economy. That is why it is also territorial. For the arms dealer, war is their business. If there is no war, how can they survive unless they choose other careers besides guns and ammunitions? War is irrational but it is also profitable.

War Dogs is the best movie to watch this week for specific audience since it’s R-16 in Philippine cinemas. But it is also worth watching. It opens on August 24 and released/distributed by Warner Bros. Follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs for more movie reviews.

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