Friday, February 26, 2016

Risen movie review

I've seen many movies and features for Lent. Sometimes, I get to see one feature after another but they are all the same. But this is the first time, I got to watch a story about Lent in another perspective.

The story set on Clavius, a Roman Military Tribune assigned in Caesarea. He reports directly to Pontius Pilate when one of the biggest historical events happened. The crucifixion of an innocent Jew.

Joseph Fiennes was OK to play the role of the character Clauvius. What I didn't expect was Tom Felton, who plays Lucius, his aide. At least he is trying out other roles besides a nuisance to a boy wizard.

Just like Ben-Hur and the Fourth Wise Man, the protagonist is not part of the Biblical canon. In layperson's terms, it is not found in the Bible. But it does not mean that it may or may not happen. What I like about the movie was that it didn't just focus on the spiritual aspect of the story. It was not too preachy. But it also focuses on the socio-political aspect of it.

One should realize who was the governing superpower during this era. How was the politics in Judea during the time of Christ. Overall, this movie favors religious denominations with Judeo-Christian background or Trinitarian. But I suggest not to ignore the socio-political and not just focus on its spiritual content.

Remember, the cross is just a tool for torture and nothing more before Yeshua died in it. I used the original Jewish name of Jesus because that is the name used in the story. For more movie reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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