Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Angela Markado movie review

For action movies in the Filipino entertainment industry, it seldom makes the female the protagonist of the story.But if the story is this dark, it is possible to have a woman take the matter in her own hands.

Angela Markado is a dark story of vengeance. Works at night at a night club, Angela became an obsession of a rich customer and his drinking buddies that got her brutally raped and beaten. She was called Angela Markado because each culprit's name was tattooed in her back.

She escaped her captors and got in shape as a weapon of vengeance and tracked them all down. What I like about the movie is it will make you think if Angela is doing what it should be done regardless of how far she can go by killing them.

It also shows the city in a CGI animation at night. All the building structures look unreal like in Sin City.The actors who played the antagonists did very well acting their part as the people we love to hate.

Andi Eigemann was the right choice since she looks very young and helpless then she transformed. The horrible experience made her a different person. It also shows in series of flashbacks how different she is as if it was two different characters.

I got to watch this during the premiere at SM Megamall. The casts are there and it was this screening that showcased Andi wearing her red evening dress that got people talking. It is not my first premiere with the cast present but it always happen in Megamall. Angela Markado opens December 3. Thanks to SM Cinemas for the movie preview.

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