Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Good Lie movie review

Telling a lie is considered a sin or violation. Regardless of which upbringing, nobody likes a lie even if most people do it. But when is a lie considered good? The movie The Good Lie tackled that issue. The story is set in a war-torn African country. It centered mostly on the children who escaped from being slaughtered in the village and began their trek along miles of desert that took them days before reaching the refuge camp.

Here's my list of points why I like the movie and why you should watch it. I guarantee no spoilers.

#Even though it stars Reese Witherspoon, her is only instrumental and essential to the story but she was not the protagonist.

#The actors who play the refugees are actors who are also refugees themselves. They also experience the hostilities and they can speak their language.

#It is a true story.

#The movie is also a cross-cultural situation. It makes us aware of the situation happening in countries like these.

#It also has its funny moments.

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