Friday, February 20, 2015

The Theory Of Everything movie review

Why should you watch this movie?

-Eddie Redmayne made scientists look cool.

-Felicity Jones is so cute.

-Both actors are nominated at the Academy.

-I was also curious about Felicity since I am going to see her as Dr. Sienna Brooks in Dan Brown's Inferno adaptation.

Story: Biographical film about Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde.
Poster art courtesy of UIP

Review: Most of the masses won't appreciate it especially most Pinoy moviegoers because the mention of science seems nerdy and the majority are not the thinking type while watching a movie. The Theory Of Everything is not about science. It is the love story of Hawking and Wilde.

If you are familiar with Hawking, you know his life's work and his burden. I thought I knew about Hawking because of his work but I never realize that his life is complicated and it's not just about his condition. If his situation seems acceptable and understandable, it will make any Filipino Catholic priests compel to perform an exorcism on Hawking and Wilde.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones deserves their nominations even if they didn't win it. Redmayne look more like Hawking to the detail of his facial features that I am having trouble finding out if its prosthetic or not. He's more accurate than Benedict Cumberbatch's version when he played the part in a mini-series.

The situation of Hawking and Wilde may be taboo but it can be real to some couples. It all boils down how are we open or how compassionate we really are. The Theory Of Everything is a movie for mature viewers and is exclusive only at Ayala Cinemas. 

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Congratulations to Mr. Eddie Redmayne for winning the Best Actor award at the Oscars.

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