Tuesday, July 16, 2013

White House Down movie review

Story: White House under sieged by terrorists.
It was only recent that this movie has similar story, Olympus Has Fallen. It is also similar in movie title as well. I am not sure why Hollywood allows two movies with similar stories especially on the same year. But it was not the first time.
Teaser poster courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Armageddon and Deep Impact has similar themes yet both are blockbusters. In my observation, White House Down has yet to prove it has the same caliber as the two movies I cited for example but the story was OmK but it was not original. White House Down reminds me of Die Hard, Under Siege and Air Force 1.
I am a fan of Roland Emmerich but I only like his selected works. Although, WHD was not bad, it was not as same as his previous work, 2012. It was his best solo work since his separation from his tandem with Dean Devlin.
For the cast, Jamie Foxx did well acting a fictional president even though it was similar to Barack Obama. Both presidents are alike in political views. Hats off to Mr. Foxx. For Channing Tatum, it was a good move to cast him as a major character. He is one of the marketable actors now and if they cast someone else, the movie might not get much attention.
I haven't watched Olympus Has Fallen but I have solicited comment from two people whom judgment I can vouch for. Both of them seen the two similar movies and both said that Olympus Has Fallen is much more better than the latter.
Now for the comparison. Comparing Channing Tatum and Gerard Butler, White House Down has more chance to get the attention of the female viewers. A friend of mine told me that compared to OHF, WHD is like a TV drama series.
White House Down is still showing in Philippine cinemas.

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  1. Nice review. Not perfect or smart in any way, shape or form, but still worth the watch for entertainment-purposes.