Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SM Cinemas Goes Digital, Free Movie Day and Himala

SM Cinemas celebrates their years of movie operation with their Free Movie Day as their way to say thank you to the patrons and also to launch the new digital cinema. What better way to watch it that to watch the digitally restored Himala starring Nora Aunor.

The cinemas will no longer have film projectors. Watching Himala in digital making it feel that I am watching a newly released movie. It was so clean and has no grainy objects in the screen. I hope that all films will be restored digitally.

As for the movie Himala, these are the type of quality movies that you rarely see in our country's movie industry.We sometimes need movies that you can see the reality of the country, not just any fantasy, comedy, drama or horror that you usually see. I agree with a director that we need to think out of the box to make our movies parallel the Hollywood types. I can name few of our current movies that can only show this type of quality.

After the late Lino Brocka, there are few directors who can achieve quality movies. There are dramas, horror and comedies that are good but we are still limited to these genre. Himala is one story that shows one reality of our culture. Despite our Christian orientation, our country is still bounded on pre-Hispanic remedies to sickness that never parted our tradition. Sociologist calls it folk-catholicism.

Since Roman Catholics dominates our country's religious affiliation, it is not surprising that people still believe in apparitions and miraculous signs even in this age of new technologies that are being developed. But the message of the movie is quite clear what a miracle can do to a town and it's people.

Although, Nora's trademark lines "Walang Himala" is sometimes making fun of but most people didn't know the whole message after that line. It was really straight to the point that exposes truth about the society.

My applause for ABS-CBN for this initiative to restore old movies. I look forward for other old films. I am hoping to see Lino Brocka's Ora Pronobis being restored next. Thanks to SM Cinemas for the invitation in their Free Movie Day.

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