Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Pie: Reunion

Story: The American Pie Gang are back complete for their high school reunion in East Great Falls High School in Michigan.

Review: Do you remember Jim, Michelle, Stifler, Stifler's Mom, and Jim's Dad? I watched all the American Pie Movies since it was first shown in cinemas. Each sequel never failed to give me laughs each time. At first, I thought that each sequel will be the last. At American Pie 2, I thought they were parting ways since they are all going to college. At American Wedding, I thought it was the last because they cannot gather to complete the original cast for that sequel. After the Wedding, it gave way to home video movies expanding the American Pie universe with new characters but with appearances of the Sherminator and Jim's dad.

Then suddenly, there's American Pie: Reunion, it's a sequel, they got the whole gang back together. Most of the casts were unknowns back then with exception of comedy legend Eugene Levy(Jim's Dad). Jason Biggs (Jim), Mena Suvari(Heather), Tara Reid(Vicki), Chris Klein(Oz), John Cho(milf guy) and Sean Williams Scott(Stifler) had several movie projects after the first American Pie movie. Alyson Hannigan(Michelle) was already popular among Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans in TV but American Pie was also her biggest break in the movies.

Just like the previous sequels, the Reunion still made my ribs tickle with laughter. I laugh almost at every scene that you will cough out from laughing. Besides a good laugh, the situations of every relationships can be real to everyone. Growing up from high school and parting away for college are the usual stages in we all went through.

Part of the laugh trip of the American Pie is the slapstick humor, the adult humor, some nudity, some adult terms, and of course, Stifler. It would not be a good American Pie sequel without Stifler. That is why the American Pie Movies are R-18. They might still be the expanded American Pie home video movies which is OK because I also have a favorite one but it won't be as great without Stifler in it. If ever this is the last one of the original American Pie movies, I think I got the best piece that goes with it. American Pie Reunion opens May 2 in some major Philippine cinemas nationwide.

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